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snow day

Woo-hoo! My first snow day!

Having spent most of my life in fairly warm-weather climes, snow is a bit of a novelty to me. It started snowing late last night, and is supposed to keep up through this afternoon.

Falling snow is a lot softer than I expected. (I’ve seen/been in snow before, but after the snow had stopped falling.) The snowflakes sort of dance in the air, and land gently. And, kind of ironically, it’s not as cold today as it has been the past two days; chilly, yes, but not nearly as bitingly cold. Of course, I’m looking at all this with wide-eyed wonder and childlike giddiness. Forget the cold — I want to make a snow man, and a couple snow angels.

There are some nice snow drifts outside my house, a good two inches deep already. When I went outside this morning, everything was beautifully pristine, freshly covered with snow. And now the new snowfall has covered up the footprints I left earlier.

It’s a “Snow Emergency Day” in DC, and I’ve heard that the Metro was running pretty slow this morning b/c of icy tracks. I’m working from home. Today’s classes at Georgetown haven’t been cancelled yet; my class today isn’t until 4, so we’ll see if conditions change between now and then.

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Edited on 12/11/02 to add that I’ve posted more photos of DC’s first snow of the season, taken the following day (12/6) at the King Street Metro Station and on the George Washington University campus.