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lovely spam! wonderful spam!

Spam tops the news today at Slate. Not Spam in the “bane of e-mail existence” sense, but Spam in the “canned spiced ham” sense.

Apparently, sales are lagging for the once-popular luncheon meat, and Hormel’s trying to improve Spam’s image with a new marketing campaign. From the article:

Perhaps a meat product that is scrambled and pummeled by industrial processes into a brazenly inorganic geometric shape once seemed futuristic and exciting. But like a lot of things that once seemed futuristic and exciting, Spam now seems funny and maybe a little creepy.

Slate’s title graphic cracks me up. And, in the text links below, under today’s date, the link to some excerpts from Slate’s Fray messageboard: “Our readers explain how Spam is like Rita Hayworth.”

Spam, spam, spam, spam.