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Mix one part rain, one part rapidly melting snow, and one part leaf-clogged drain, and you get … a very soggy basement apartment.

My landlord, Drew, called me at work yesterday afternoon to let me know that the drain had clogged and that some water might have gotten into my apartment. Then he checked out my apartment, and called me back to say that more than “some” water had gotten in. Thankfully, he’d done quite a bit of cleaning up by the time I got home. I don’t know that I would have wanted to come home to find the mess it was in. As it was, when I got home, my rugs were draped over the stair railing, some of my stuff had already been piled up on the furniture, off the floor, and the living room was pretty damp. Even the bottom of my couch, an inch or so off the ground, was wet.

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(A little background detail: I have a one-bedroom basement apartment. The bedroom, at the back of the apartment, is carpeted, with a walk-in (also carpeted) closet. The rest of the apartment has tile flooring.)

So I got to work assessing the damage and clearing as much stuff as possible out of the bedroom and closet. While I moved stuff around, Drew used his shopvac to suck up some of the excess water in the carpet. Over the course of the evening, he made a good 4 or 5 passes with the shopvac over the carpet, taking it from “sopping wet” to “really damp.”

All told, the damage itself wasn’t too bad, and could have been a LOT worse. I had to junk my clock/radio/phone alarm clock (the phone part still works, but if I plug it into the electrical socket, the minutes audibly tick upward like seconds. it’s kinda creepy), a power strip, some phone cable, a few art supplies, and a couple comic book boxes (but not the comics! thanks to my obsessive comics collectorhood, all comics were individually polybagged).

While my carpet dries out, the rest of my apartment looks like some bizarro yuppie refugee outpost.