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risk management

The redesign for the GW Office of Risk Management, my first client site for George Washington University, went live yesterday.

The basic site layout was decided before I was brought on to the project. I did the design — essentially “prettying up” the wireframe — and populated the site templates with information.

I also got to use Cold Fusion for the first time. Nothing high-end or involving database admin work (although, with the amount of simple text changes the client requested, an admin would have been nice. With an admin, the client could have made their own changes). But I did learn some of the joys of CFIF / CFELSE statements in making the site / section navigation bars. I also built an HTML form which posted data to a Cold Fusion page, which in turn sent an e-mail to a contact at the Office of Risk Management and created a confirmation page echoing everything the user had entered into the form.