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welcome to my world

After some technical hangups, etc., I’ve finally gotten this thing up and running. Here’s hoping that, in the months/years ahead, I can produce something worth reading about.

By way of introduction, a little about me:

My name is Alyson Hurt, and I’m presently a master’s student in the Communication, Culture and Technology program at Georgetown University. I work as a Senior Programmer Analyst (apparently, a dept. euphemism for “web designer”) with the Interactive Multimedia Applications Group at The George Washington University. Before making the jump to DC (aka “the city with a big bullseye target on it”), I was a web designer for The Arizona Republic for two and a half years.

If you really want all those details, you can read my resume.

I’ve been a computer geek since I was about five, when my Dad started letting me play games (remember “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego“? But in DOS?) on his PC. I love to travel. I love to write, but don’t get to do it very much beyond school papers (which is where this blog comes in).

My core interests are in technology and culture. (I guess you could say I’m a Wired chick, except I read the website, not the print magazine. The Canadian tech mag Shift appeals to me a bit more, maybe in part because the editorial design in its print edition isn’t so easily confused with the ads.)

Anyway … I’m interested in the influence technology has on culture, and vice versa, as well as issues affecting both realms. I’m not an avid TV watcher, but I tend to pick a few shows to follow, and follow them with a rabid tenacity. Hence my current obsession with “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer“, which came on largely after my interest in “The X-Files” waned. I’m also a big fan of comics, especially the X-Men line, although even that line hasn’t really impressed me for the past few years.

Anyway, welcome one and all to my world. I hope I can make it something worth visiting once in a while.