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In the U.S., you can dance to the beat of a different drummer, but come election time, you’d better vote either Democrat or Republican. None of this third-party “independent” nonsense.

Those of us who voted Nader in 2000 — the Greens, the Independents, the ones looking for any kind of alternative to Stupid and Stiff — were blamed for supposedly costing Gore and the Dems the election. Now the Libertarians are getting it from the Republicans.

In his Friday column, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz talks about Republicans blaming Libertarians for GOP losses / close-calls in the most recent election.

The debate goes to the heart of why independent movements exist. The major parties see the defectors as fuzzy-headed purists, modern-day Whigs who would rather indulge in protest politics than win power. The third-party enthusiasts see the Democrats and Republicans as K Street sellouts, doing the bidding of their corporate donors rather than heeding the wishes of The People. Not a dime’s worth of difference and all that.

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