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crappy commute

Sometimes, I truly hate public transportation. (Then I have to stop and remind myself of the exorbitant monetary and psychological cost of driving and parking in the District. Would I rather take Metro for cheap (or maybe not-so-cheap?), or deal with nutso DC drivers and the yahoos at Colonial Parking?)

Managed to convince myself to roll out of bed somewhat on time this morning, and got to the bus stop by 8 a.m. The 8:09 a.m. 29K never showed up, so I (and the growing line of people behind me) had to wait for the 8:20 DASH AT-8. The AT-8 was packed with the rush-hour crowd and all the folks the 29K had forgotten, and traffic was slooooooooooow on the way to the King Street Metro station (whose parking lot is being torn up this week for bus bay renovations).

The Blue and Yellow lines were delayed this morning because of malfunctions on two Blue Line trains and a “medical situation” on a Yellow Line train. The platform at the King Street station was pretty crowded. It took eight minutes for a Blue Line train to show up, and there were a lot of people in the cars already. No seats to be had. As the train made its stops, the cars got more and more crowded as more people got on, and there were mild shoving matches between the folks trying to get on and those trying to get off. I spent much of the ride crunched against a fairly well-dressed man whose coat smelled faintly of vomit.

I finally ambled into work around 9:15.

Ah, Mondays…