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back to school

My spring semester classes start up today at Georgetown. My classes this semester:

CCTP-510: The Post-9/11 World - CCTP-510 is a required class for my program. This semester, the theme is the world after September 11, with respect to issues of the media, globalization, identity, etc. The class has been divided into multiple modules. I’m taking:

  1. Media and Security in the Post-9/11 World (Diana Owen)
  2. Identity & Representation in the Post-9/11/01 World (Jessica Davis)
  3. Security & Commerce in the Post-9/11/01 World (J.P. Singh)

CCTP-768: International Mass Communication (Abbas Malek) - This class looks at the roles and practices of the mass media around the world.

CCTP-803: Media and Politics (Diana Owen) - This class looks at some of the relationships between the media, government and public with respect to public opinion, political activity, public relations / message management, etc.