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int'l mass communication

Tonight was the first class session of my International Mass Communication class. This should be a pretty interesting class. Despite the class title, we’re going to be focusing primarily on the American mass media system. But we’re doing so because — and this is one of the central premeses of the class — most mass media systems around the world are based on the American model / system. Our professor posits that, rather than working with the American media model and then modifying it to suit their particular cultures (and rejecting those aspects of American culture that ill suit them), foreign countries instead largely adopt the American system wholesale, and integrate American culture / values — as presented by the American media — into their own culture.

(This distinction (“by the American media”) is important because the realities presented by the media (news / informational or popular / entertainment) are only skewed representations of the reality of American life and culture. And because so many people are only exposed to those skewed representations, their perceptions of “America” are skewed as well.)

Not sure what I think about all this yet, but it’s certainly interesting to ponder.