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north korea tries to make its case online

Slate posted a story Monday (DearLeader.com - Kim Jong-il’s fanboy home page) about a curious website intended to convey North Korea’s point of view to the Western world.

The site is purportedly a volunteer project maintained by a 20-something Spaniard under the auspices of NK’s Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries. I can’t really say how successful korea-dpr.com is in conveying its message, though. The design is less-than-professional and ill-suited for the web (everything in the English-language site is a graphic) and the writer’s grasp of English is less than stellar (“So the government can resolve all the problems from an independent and sovereign way, he can protect the dignity of the nation and act from the base of the equality in the external relations.”).

I do have to give them some credit, though — they’re offering content in Chinese, Spanish, Norse, Esperanto and Polish. No telling how successful those translations are.