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frigid, with a side of ::burr::

I don’t think “frickin’ freezing” even begins to describe the weather here in the DC area. Current weather: 21 degrees, with a wind chill of 6 degrees. According to the Washington Post, the high temperature has only been above 33 degrees once since January 14 (ten days ago). And it’s not getting any better until at least mid-week next week.

I’m all about the bundling up. Today’s inventory:

• Long-sleeved tee-shirt, purple
• 3/4-sleeved tee-shirt, white
• Oversized turtleneck sweater, black
• Opaque stockings, gray
• Long underwear, ivory
• Jeans, boot-cut
• Thick socks, white
• Combat boots, black
• Ear-covering headband, black
• Skullcap, black
• Knit gloves, black
• Fleece gloves, gray
• Hooded zip-up sweatshirt, gray
• Leather jacket, black

I feel kinda like the little kid whose mom bundles him all up for the snow, so much so that he can barely move, and then he whines that he has to pee.

And forget the low-carb diet for now. Hot chocolate. Mmmmmm. Yummy warming chocolate goodness.

Sara, one of my co-workers, is from Minnesota, where the temperature is hovering around 0. Her parents say we’re all wimps out here. I guess it’s all relative. Still not much comfort, though.

My friends and family in Arizona keep gloating about the 70-degree temperatures there. Ed, a former co-worker of mine (who actually used to live in DC), e-mailed me that it just seemed wrong to be wearing shorts in January. I’ll have limited gloating rights in April, though, when the weather pretties up here (cherry blossoms and all that lovely spring stuff) and AZ hits its first 100-degree temperatures.