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super bowl sunday

The Super Bowl just started … Don’t care much about football, but I’m hoping the commercials will be at least somewhat memorable this year. Nothing especially memorable so far…

Edited: 6:48 p.m.Pepsi Twist commercial featuring the Osbournes / Osmonds / Florence Henderson was cute, in a stupid kind of way. The cuteness will surely wear off with the inevitable repeat airings … The “Castaway” commercial was inevitable and somewhat predictable, yet still deliciously evil.

Edited: 6:53 p.m. … Mmmm … Trailers for The Hulk and the Matrix sequels. The trailers, at least, kick ass. Hope the movies will live up to the hype … The Gatorade Michael Jordan of today vs. Michael Jordan of yesteryear was a cool concept, but kinda boring in execution.

Edited: 7:20 p.m. … Okay, so I laughed at the Bud Light RastaDog ad … And, hey, another comic book movie trailer — this time for Daredevil. Not a huge fan o’ Ben, but the flick looks good. And I like the idea of Michael Clarke Duncan as the Kingpin … Cute Hanes commercial with Jackie Chan fighting an itchy tag in his tee-shirt … The Alias Jennifer-Garner-in-lingerie commercial gives a nod at its own exploitiveness with a pissy Sydney saying “Do you think it’s comfortable wearing this?” Still doesn’t make up for the purely exploitive Victoria’s Secret-esque Sydney-in-red-lingerie vs. Sydney-in-black-lingerie teasier aired an hour ago.

Edited 7:29 p.m. … The Sierra Mist “monkeys at the zoo” ad is a lot of build-up for a lame payoff.

Edited 7:49 p.m.T3 ad — meh. They should have stopped with just the two … The Levi Jeans stampede ad had nice visuals, but was overall just blah. Repelling a herd of stampeding bulls with your “bold” jeans? Whatever. I miss the originality of the Spike Jonze “Tainted Love” jeans ad from a few years back … Promo for ABC show I’m a Celebrity. Get Me Out of Here. God, no.

Edited 7:53 p.m. … Cute “Gilligan’s Island” mLife ad for AT&T. Corporate America — mining our pop cultural heritage in the absence of more original ideas.

Edited 8:05 p.m. … Cool Don Cheadle “Crazy” ad for the NFL. Even though I’m not a big sports fan, I’m still a sucker for those “why we watch this game” kind of ads, whether it’s for football or baseball or basketball or whatever … Don’t remember the beer promo’ed in the ad, but all the ads and jokes that play on homophobia are kinda tiresome. Yes, it’s a step forward for us as a culture that we acknowledge and, to varying extents, accept homosexuality. But the sheer quantity of “Me? I’m not gay!” jokes in TV and film get old, and arguably further stigmatize gay-ness … Rant over now. Just another stupid beer ad.

Edited 8:12 p.m. … Super Bowl halftime show. Shania Twain in another freaky, ill-advised get-up. “Man, I Feel Like a Woman” was a hit, like, 3 years ago. Doesn’t she have new material? … Cool videoscreen on the field / stage, though.

Edited 8:17 p.m. … No Doubt’s onstage now. Gwen Stefani (Rossdale?) in another freaky, ill-advised get-up. Not as ill-advised as Shania’s though … Yes, I’m petty.

Edited 8:19 p.m. … Those punk cheerleaders are really freaking me out … What’s up with the pseudo girl-power halftime show?

Edited 8:22 p.m. … Mmmm … Sting. :) … Don’t think much of Gwen’s back-up vocals. Or Sting’s tee-shirt.

Edited 8:36 p.m. … I kinda like the “Rainbows and Dreams” ad for HotJobs.com. Nice, bleak atmosphere as everyone dreams of a better job.

Edited 8:50 p.m. … Should I even dignify the Bud Light ad about meeting the girlfriend’s mom with a comment? … Subway ad. Jared. Must. Die.

Edited 8:53 p.m. … The commercial with the Cadillac train-side billboard advertisements just show that the old Cadillac car design is a classic, and the current “futuristic” design is just a big, boxy pretender.

Edited 8:58 p.m. … “Yo cocino con George.” … Promo ad for the upcoming ABC show Are You Hot? — Another sign that the apocalypse is nigh?

Edited 9:01 p.m. … I’m giggling at the cartoon violence at the Terry Tate-as-productivity-consultant ad for Reebok.

Edited 9:20 p.m.Coors Light: “Here’s to the remote.” David loves this series of ads so much he had me scouring Kazaa for copies of them. It’s all about the twins. He likes to sing the jingle over the phone. So I guess I’m prejudiced against the ad even before really seeing it … Anti-war political ad borrowing from the infamous 1964 “Daisy” ad. Not as starkly effective as the original.

Edited 9:26 p.m. … I like the ESPN ad about devout sports fans who stick by their teams, whether predicting a good season ahead or looking forward to the next. “Without sports, there’s no next year.” … Still not keen on the Alias teasers. Yes, we know Jennifer Garner is hot, sexy, whatever. Can we move on now?

Edited 9:37 p.m.Sony video camera ad, starring the millionaire who paid the Russians to take him up in space. It’s an older commercial, but I like Sony’s series of tech ads targeted at seniors. “When the kids ask where the money went, now you can show them.” … Another cute AT&T mLife commercial, this time parodying Antiques Roadshow.

Edited 9:42 p.m. … Funny Budweiser commercial with Tim McGraw as designated driver … Nice variation on the Mastercard “priceless” commercials with its ad for the MC debit card.

Edited 10:48 p.m.Best commercial of the night: Terry Tate-as-productivity-consultant.