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state of the union

President Bush’s State of the Union address airs tonight, beginning at 9 p.m. ET. The speech will air on the major networks / cable news channels. It can also be seen over the web via the White House site and C-SPAN.

Historical links:

• C-SPAN: State of the Union (archive of State of the Union speeches — some with video, all transcripts — dating back to Truman)

• Washington Post: Century of Addresses (multimedia presentation of State of the Union highlights, dating back to FDR. Requires Flash.)

Related links:

• President Bush: Radio Address of the President to the Nation (01/25/03)

• Paul Krugman / New York Times: A Credibility Problem (01/28/03)

• Judy Keen / USA Today: 2002 promises, 2003 results (01/27/03)

• Slate’s “Breakfast Table: By ChristopherBuckley, ChristopherCaldwell, and WalterShapiro (01/27/03)

• Christopher Hitchens / Slate: “Cowboy” - Bush challenged by bovines (01/27/03)

• Mike Allen / Washington Post - No Iraq Ultimatum in State of the Union (01/27/03)

• Helen Dewar and Mike Allen / Washington Post - Democrats Assail Bush on War, His Credibility (01/28/03)

Related event:

Sorry State of the Union - Rally, concert and march at the U.S. Capitol building (west side, reflecting pool). Today, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.