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sinus infection number three

Six months in DC, and this is (at least) the third time I’ve been sick. First one was a upper respiratory infection. Second was a nasty cold I took to Tucson with me over Christmas, but didn’t go to the doctor for. Now it’s another sinus infection. I guess transplanting myself here has been an adjustment in more ways than one: I’m not used to all the moisture and low temperatures — and the sheer masses of fellow commuters that make the Metro a likely breeding ground for nasty communicable diseases.

Or maybe I’m just allergic to DC.

Speaking of low temperatures, it’s still cold here. Current weather: 34 degrees, with light rain. It’s supposed to snow tonight. The novelty of snow has worn off. I still think fresh snow is wonderous and beautiful — as long as I don’t have to go outside and drive or commute to work in it.

My new winter coat is supposed to arrive today. Crossing my fingers. The morning ritual of uber-bundling-up — and then the ordeal of unbundling and re-bundling when I’m at work — is getting tiresome.

I need to stop being so cranky. Naptime.