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photo of the day: army of spider-men

Army of Spidermen

This photo was taken this past March at South by Southwest Interactive, and it’s been — by far — the most popular photo I’ve ever posted to Flickr. At the conference, a group had set up an “Interactive Playpen” that was well-stocked with Legos for people to build creative things with. At some point in the conference, someone went to the trouble of collecting and arranging an army’s worth of Lego figures dressed as Spider-Man into neat, orderly rows on a window sill. It was too perfect not to photograph.

This photo came to mind today while I was musing about freshening up the site a bit. (Fall has come and gone, after all; we’re well into summer again already.) I have neither the time nor the inclination right now to really spiff things up, so, for the moment, I’ve settled for swapping out the header image and tweaking the color scheme. It’s a fairly simple thing to do; hopefully I’ll take the time to rotate that photo out more often.