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calling all 'buffy' fans…

Looks like the Slayer may be coming back — in comic book form.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is writing a new six-issue Buffy mini-series for Dark Horse Comics. The first volume is due out in October. A Dark Horse spokesperson has confirmed to ICv2 that the new series chronicles events that happened to Buffy and her friends after the conclusion of their televised adventures and will function as a “Season 8” to the highly popular cult hit TV series that ran for seven seasons

(ICv2: “Whedon Pens New Buffy Comic” - 05/23/06)

I’ll probably pick it up when it comes out in trade paperback form, if only to see if it’s any better than the last season of Buffy was.

(Link found via warrenellis.com.)