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Superhero Supply

Rob, Dari and I went up to New York on Sunday / Monday in part to attend a taping of The Daily Show.

While in town, we checked out the Vermeer and (very cool) samurai exhibits at the Met, ate a lot of good food (including the requisite halal cart visit) and made two pilgrimages to MUJI for pens and notebooks.

Another big highlight for me was my first visit to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., a small storefront with imaginative (and theme-appropriate) products that’s a “front” for 826 NYC, a creative writing center for schoolkids that occupies the back half of the building (hidden behind a secret door in the store). It’s a cool concept, and I think the experience is helped immeasurably if you buy into it. I submitted to a free “de-villainization” and had to swear a hero’s oath at checkout. Very geeky-fun.

Photos from the store: