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January 2011, by Alyson Hurt

2011 Letterpress Calendar - Done!

The designers for the 2011 Pyramid Atlantic letterpress calendar (and a few other helpful volunteers) got together last night to assemble the calendars and ready them for sale at this weekend’s Book Arts Fair in Silver Spring, Md. It’s been amazing to see everyone’s wonderful calendar pages come together.

Update: The calendar is now available for sale online.

(I still have a paranoid back-of-my-mind fear that there’s some error in my plate, like the dates are off or there’s some horrible typo. Print is so much more final than web work: I can’t just edit the code to fix something. But I keep checking and double-checking, and everything seems ok — I hope!)

Here’s a slideshow of the calendar and some of the process that went into putting it together:

(If you can’t see the photos above, you can click through them on Flickr.)