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Clipped to the Drum and Ready to Roll

Start the Presses

I returned to the letterpress studio last night to finish my January 2011 page for the Pyramid Atlantic calendar. This session was a little more complicated than the first round, in that I had to 1) mix printing inks to get the right shade of light blue, and 2) set up my blue plates and paper just right so they would line up properly with what I printed on Saturday. Mixing the inks wasn’t too difficult, but the alignment took a lot of trial and error to get right.

Given my inexperience with all this, I’m thankful I settled on a relatively simple design this time around, with some built-in flexibility for error and (limited) misalignment. I was a little in awe of my instructor‘s beautiful four-plate cover for the calendar, which had very little room for error.

I took a couple little video snippets of the printing process.

(Note about a background conversation in the third snippet: There was an odd, eggy smell in the studio for a little while, which folks seemed to attribute to the papermaking side of the studio.)

Next week: Calendar assembly!

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