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A Royal Family Tree

At work, we succumbed to a little bit of royal wedding fever and put together a “family tree” of the British royal family.

With her marriage, Kate Middleton becomes the wife of the second in line to the British throne — Prince William, the grandson of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth. Here’s a look at Queen Elizabeth’s family and where the family members stand in the line of succession.

The diagram was designed in Adobe Illustrator (with the oak leaf symbol coming from iStockPhoto) and then ported over to Adobe Flash. I used GTweenTimeline to queue up the animation sequence.

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This project fell in between a few other things on the schedule, so I had a little time to play with different treatments before ultimately settling on what you see above.

These are all “sketches” — not intended to be final pieces.

I toyed with the Protovis “sunburst” visualization style to represent the order of succession as a kind of fan. Slices further to the left are higher up in the pecking order. In this case, I did the initial viz in code using Protovis, saved the generated SVG as its own file, then opened and edited the illustration in Illustrator.

Also toying with the slightly abstract, I started to draw royal births and marriages as a timeline:

This was a slightly more conventional diagram / flowchart, which was the basis of the final leafy diagram: