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I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Riding my bicycle

After a few months of dithering, Rob and I finally bought bikes over Memorial Day weekend. Our new place is not far from some major bike trails, and we’re just beginning to explore — short loops around the neighborhood in the evenings, with longer treks on the weekends. (Learned this past Saturday: The W&OD Trail, at least near us, is beautifully flat. The Custis Trail: not so much.) The bikes do make it that much harder to stand being inside (or stuck in traffic) on beautiful days.

Also learned: Living on a hill is great for leaving, but coming home can be downright painful. Hopefully time and conditioning will help this!

I’m also geeking out over new tracking tools: You can find me on MapMyRide as roguealy.

I don’t have the nerve just yet for commuter biking, but I’m eager to get out and explore. If you have any suggestions about D.C.-area trails or biking in general, let me know!