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Photopolymer + Pages

2012 Letterpress Calendar

January 2012 is done!

After last week’s pressure print experiment, I sent my Illustrator design off to Boxcar Press to be converted into a photopolymer plate for printing.

The printing session itself went incredibly smoothly, and I was able to print both colors in one session. (The most time-consuming part: You have to clean-up the press twice, and the Vandercook’s rubber rollers are unforgiving.)

January 2012 Photopolymer

Color mixing continues to be a challenge for me. I’d originally planned on a bright red for the mittens and the word “January,” but the color I mixed looked almost pink when I printed on the calendar paper. So I added a little black — but perhaps too much, because then it looked almost burgundy. I liked the “mulled wine” look of it, though, and decided to run with it.

Step One: The Red Print Run

For the calendar grid itself, I had originally planned on using black ink. But then I found a can of Pantone Medium Gray ink and decided something more understated might play better against the dark red.

Step Two: The Medium Gray Run

Printing for the rest of the calendar is still underway (Julia’s been posting some awesome “sneak peek” photos on the Pyramid Letterpress blog). I think it’ll go on sale late this month or early next.

Updated 11/11: The calendar is now available for purchase. $30 if you pick it up in person; $35 if you want it shipped to you. More info

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