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Western Maryland Rail Trail

Rob and I have been slowly working our way up to longer and longer rides on our bikes, purchased this past May. Rob’s even started bike commuting to work once a week.

This month, we started taking the bikes on the road.

Back to the rail trail. Let's do this thing.

Twice this month, we’ve driven out to the Western Maryland Rail Trail, a former railroad line that’s been converted to a 22-mile-long bike path. Being a rail trail, it’s pretty flat, which is wonderful for Rob on his single-speed bike and me with my lack of athleticism (even with a geared bike). The trail is also nicely paved, well-maintained and, when we’ve been, hardly crowded. Both times, we parked in Hancock, Md., (the midpoint of the trail); biked the western end of the trail; then visited nearby bakery / diner Weaver’s for dinner and pie.

The rail trail passes through Hancock, Md.

I haven’t ridden my bike for more than a week now (we were out of town this past weekend), and I have a hankering to hit the road / trail again.