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Anne Tyler's Baltimore


Last week, NPR’s Morning Edition ran an interview with author Anne Tyler. To accompany the story, colleagues Becky Lettenberger, Tracy Wahl and I worked on a photo-map of her Baltimore neighborhood, where many of her books take place. Tyler’s Baltimore is very different from The Wire. Photographer Chris Hartlove (also a neighbor of Tyler’s) shot some beautifully moody-yet-vibrant photos of the neighborhood.

Stamen Design made a splash the week before with some beautifully rendered watercolor map tiles, which they made available for free via a Creative Commons license. We thought that the style paired well with Hartlove’s photography. I ran out of time to make this a truly interactive / zoomable map, and instead took a screenshot of the map at a single zoom level and layered all my pins on top of that. More about those map tiles: How Stamen Generated the Tiles | Watercolor Textures

The type on the map is set with H&FJ’s Sentinel. We usually set our maps in various weights of Helvetica Neue Condensed, but Sentinel seemed better suited to this application.

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