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Your American Dreams: Family, Friends And The Freedom To Roam | NPR

Your American Dream interactive

While the concept of the American dream has been a part of our national consciousness for generations, you’d be hard-pressed to find two people who define it precisely the same way. We can say that with some authority, because, as part of our series, American Dreams: Then And Now, we asked you to share your own take on the dream. Sure enough, no two responses were the same. From the freedom of the open road to farming and family, take a look below to see your own definitions of the American dream.

I worked with April Fehling, Tanya Ballard Brown and Nelson Hsu on this project. We collected submissions via email, Flickr, Instagram and Tumblr, and April corralled them all into a Google Spreadsheet. I then used the Google Spreadsheets API to treat the spreadsheet as my database, using jQuery and CSS fun to render everything on a page. We have a mix of text quotes and captioned photos, and everything is displayed on the page in random order.

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