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Iceland Recap: Day 3

Friday, April 27, was probably the “natural wonder” highlight of our trip.

Our day started with a morning hike around Dyrhólaey, a peninsula (and puffin nesting ground!) just outside of Vik. It’s hard to go wrong with black sand volcanic beaches, dramatic cliffs, nesting birds and dramatic vistas.

We stopped for lunch (and gas) at a petrol station grill in Vik, then headed out of town.


Approaching Skaftafell (Vatnajökull National Park), the terrain turned “moonscape,” with flat, black volcanic sand all around (even blowing across the road) and a massive glacier on the horizon. (See it in satellite view.)

Volcanic Boulder?

With time and weather constraints (it was late afternoon, and starting to rain), we didn’t spend nearly enough time at Skaftafell. But the hike to the glacier also had a bit of an “alien world” feel to it.


I’ve written about Jökulsárlón already. But again, just wow.

From there, we drove towards Höfn to check into our guesthouse, Hoffell. The house had a few guestrooms and a shared bath, but we were the only guests that night and thus had the run of the house. This was the only place we stayed that didn’t offer wifi, so we used the Droid’s tethering feature to connect to the Internet and research the next day’s stops.

Dinner options in Höfn were somewhat limited that evening — a reminder that outside Reykjavik, some places don’t open until the summer tourist season begins in earnest. We wound up ordering lobster pizza at a local cafe — lobster / langoustine being a major thing in this town. The pizza was delicious, but the sampler of local ice cream we ordered dessert less so: what looked like chocolate with chocolate sprinkles turned out to be licorice. Blech.

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