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ghost in the machine

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting story by Jeffrey Zaslow on Nov. 26 about TiVo and Amazon.com users who were frustrated with the program/product recommendations each service’s system offered them (based on past orders), and how some users are …


spamming a spammer

In today’s Detroit Free-Press, columnist Mike Wendland writes about a new snail-mail spam campaign against Alan Ralsky, who, according to Wendland, “just may be the world’s biggest sender of Internet spam.” Ralsky says he’s been deluged with mail-order catalogs and …

word of the day: foobar

I stumbled upon this rather detailed explanation of why the words “foo” and “bar” come up so often in programming examples, and the origin of the term. I’d surmised that “foobar” was a derivation of “FUBAR,” but this explanation goes …